Your Success Depends on Your Mindsets, Words and Actions

Your Success Depends on Your Mindsets, Words and Actions

The beginning of a successful career or business starts with a Mindset, this is closely followed by words and is made visible with actions. Just like how a journey begins with a step, a successful career or business begins with a positive mindset.

Many people underrate the impact their Mindsets, Words and Actions on their careers or business but wise people know, just like the Bible says “ As a Man Thinks; so he is” and “That from the Mouth the Heart (Mind) Speaks.”

You hold the key to turnaround your Career or Business and make it more successful, it starts with your Mindset, followed by your Words and actualised by your Actions.

How do you create a positive mindset, use the right words and take the right actions?

You have to be cautious of what you listen to, what you see, how you feel (emotions; you control them, they do not control you!) and what you think, be careful on the type of thoughts you dwell on.

These can come from the following ways:

  1. Association – what type of people do you spend time with. Everyone you meet sows something in you! Pick the people with good seeds who will influence you positively!
  1. Reading – reading the right books and materials gives you access to the thinking of successful people. It also opens up your mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking. In fact, it opens you up to possibilities!
  1. Programme choice on Television, Radio or on the internet – some say “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, the media has greatly influenced the way human beings think, talk and act, both positively and negatively. Therefore, be wise and carefully avoid programmes on the media that have the tendency to influence you negatively.
  1. Taking Time Out – taking some time to reflect, to look inwards and review your circumstance and plan ahead helps you access where you are so that you can plan on how to proceed. Many people are running like machines, never stopping, just going on and on. They only stop when they break down and start again once they are okay. You need to be reflective, plan, sit down and write down what you want to do and think deeply on how you want to do it.

You’ll realise that once you associate with the right people, read the right materials, watch or listen to the right programmes on Television, Radio or on the internet and take time to reflect on your circumstance and the way forward, you’ll find your self making good decisions which will successfully impact on your career or business!



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