From Natural Talents to Professions and Business Initiatives

From Natural Talents to Professions and Business Initiatives

An individual could waste a great deal of his life struggling to succeed with things that do not relate to his natural talents and strengths.

If you know what your natural talents are, you can focus on developing them into strengths. This will make you happier, more effective and possibly more successful.

How to Discover Your Talents and Strengths

  • Self-discovery: Reflect and try to identify your strongest natural talents, reinforce them with practice and learning, then either find or carve out a role that draws on these strengths every day. When you do, you will be more productive, more fulfilled, and more successful.”
  • Personality and psychological tests. There are many you can do online, that could highlight some of your strengths. Although, these tests are not 100% accurate but their feedback on the interpretation of your test results can be very enlightening.

Once you identify your dominant natural talents, you need to ask yourself the questions below, and their answers would help guide you on your path towards developing into a Career or Business.

  1. What do I want to achieve with my life?
  2. What is my purpose and what are my goals?
  3. Which of these natural talents, would I like to develop further?
  4. Which of my natural talents can contribute most to achieving my purpose and goals?
  5. What do I have to do to develop these talents into strengths?
  6. What knowledge do I need to learn to develop these talents?
  7. What skills do I need to acquire or improve on, in order to develop my talents?
  8. What weaknesses do I have, that could hinder my talent development?

 Talent Oriented Business Initiatives


  1. Communication & Writing Skills
  2. Cooking & Baking Skills
  3. Appreciation for Fashion and Beauty
  4. Organisation Skills
  5. Entertaining skills
  6. Artistic/craft skills

Related Professions and Business Initiatives

  1. Communication & Writing Skills

Teaching – you can work for an educational institution teaching in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), languages both foreign and local or teach subjects such as mathematics, english, economics etc. If you are business oriented, you could offer Freelance tutorial services, be Educational Consultant or be a School Proprietor.

Public Speaking – You could be a Compere, Motivational Speaker, Television Broadcaster or an On Air Personality on radio.

Writing– suitable professions in this field include ghostwriting, blogging, authoring books, preparing business plans, tenders and other business documents as a consultant in different fields like management, human resources, taxation etc. You could also work in the print media as a journalist.

  1. Cooking & Baking Skills

Cooking– someone talented in cooking could be a professional cook that works for a particular client as a personal cook, as a chef overseeing several cooks in a hotel or restaurant and as a caterer offering freelance services to different clients. If you also have a passion for teaching, you could be a culinary instructor, in a culinary institution or have your own culinary television programme.

Baking– if you are interested in baking you could start your career by working in a bakery or in a hotel as a pastry chef. Then eventually own a Bakery that bakes a specific or a wide variety of pastries.

Advice on Nutrition- if your interest in food is focused on its impact on health, then a career, as a Nutritionist may be best suited for you.

  1. Appreciation for Fashion and Beauty

Hair Styling/Barbing – if this interests you, you could start as an apprentice in a salon then become a freelance hair stylist, going to people homes to fit or cut their hair or you could set-up a hair salon in your home. As your clientele increases, set-up a commercial size salon in a good location.

Make-up & Beauty – you could learn to perfect your make-up skills by watching instructional videos on you-tube. However, if you have the financial resources you could attend a reputable beauty school. While you hone your skills, you could make come income as a freelance make-up artiste. Later on, you could set-up a cosmetic store, Beauty parlour or Beauty school.

Fittness Instructor- if staying fit and living a healthy life style is your thing, then why not turn it into a business venture by becoming a fitness instructor. To have a clearer view of how you could turn this into a business, endeavour to do some research online, follow some celebrity fitness instructor on social media and learn from them. And if possible, work for a local gym in your area or become a freelance fitness instructor.

Photography – with the availability of camera phones these days, you could practice taking good pictures with your phone and uploading them on social media for people to admire. Learning useful photography tips from the internet will be useful. Once you have the financial capability buy a good professional camera and photography kit. You could earn a decent income from freelance photographic services at weddings, public functions, during festive celebrations, during and after church services, at the premises of tertiary institutions. Working for a photography studio or media house is also a good alternative.

Fashion Designing – it is best to start off as an apprentice to a fashion designer before setting-up a tailoring outfit.

  1. Organisation Skills

Courier and Errand services- these are business initiatives that people with organizational skills got consider. One could work for companies offering these services such as assisting people in dispatching letters, delivering/shipping of products bought online or by telephone as well as grocery shopping services for busy people.

Event Planning and Interior Design- if you possess organizational skills, consider being an apprentice to an event planner or interior designer to enhance this skill before venturing off to start your own business.

  1. Entertaining skills

Singing- learning how to play musical instruments is an added advantage. You could perform as a one-man band at events and also render musical lessons to kids and adults that which to learn how to play musical instruments.

Dancing– it is important to specialise on specific dance genre (both foreign and local). Being tutored by a professional dancer can enhance this skill. Watching videos on the dance videos on the internet. As a business initiative, you could own a dance school that offers dance lessons for kids and adult, where dance lessons like Salsa, Nigerian traditional dance, ballet are taught.

Comedian– people with comedic tendencies should seriously consider a career in stand-up comedy, freelance comedian for hire or become a Master of Ceremony (MC).

  1. Artistic/craft skills

Painting and Sculpturing– if this is your talent, enhance it by taking fine art classes in secondary school and if possible, as a discipline at the tertiary level.

You could generate income from this skill by displaying your art works in public areas such as hotels, shopping malls and major supermarkets. Developing specific artworks like paintings, dyed fabrics and sculptures for clients. As your clientele increases, seriously consider opening an art gallery.

This write-up only focuses on a few natural talents that could result in viable professions and businesses with the right training. There are many more that exists, which you may even possess and could be discover with a little soul searching. If you are unsure of what career you want or type of business to set up, why not settle down, look inwards and ask yourself, what are my natural talents? Once you have an answer, do not hesitate, take the required steps towards enchancing them.

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